Friday, October 12, 2007

Manito Park Blog

Welcome to the Manito Park blog.

Driving by the park just the other day I noticed that the tops of the trees were starting to show their Autumn colors. I give it just a few more days at most and Manito Park will be in full Fall color with its bright yellow and red.

The sugar maple trees that line GrandBlvd at Manito Park on Spokane's South Hill neighborhood are turning bright yellow. In the few moments when the sun shines through the yellow leaves it really is a sight to behold.

My daughter and I took a quick walk in the park just the other day to see how the color was coming along in Manito. We parked on Manito Place near all those old craftsman homes and walked into the park. We saw the brightest pink-red burning bush near the stone bridge on loop drive. It almost didn't look real it was so pink.

for sure there are some great sights at Manito Park in Autumn, so if you get a chance, get over there and check it out.